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Glenn Livingstion Bennett

"I've Got To Find Out For Myself"
Best Melody in Folk Rock, week of 30Jan2006

"I've Got To Find Out For Myself"
Best Drums in Folk Rock, week of 30Jan2006 and 6Feb2006

May 8, 2006
"I've got to find out for myself" reaches #22 on the American Idol Underground Folk Music Chart

"I am always searching for new artists who have something to say, and who say it beautifully. You do both. What a treat -- thanks for the listen!"

"reminds me a little of Harry Chapin and the country singer (from the 80s), John Conlee"

Glenn Livingston Bennett
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The short stack is simply the songs that are ready. The short stack releases will give you a chance to sample the complete CD when it is finished. This not because there is a super high demand for them out there, it's simple that I'd like to release the stuff I've done so far.
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