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Glenn Livingstion Bennett

May 8, 2006
"I've got to find out for myself" reaches #22 on the American Idol Underground Folk Music Chart

"I am always searching for new artists who have something to say, and who say it beautifully. You do both. What a treat -- thanks for the listen!"

"reminds me a little of Harry Chapin and the country singer (from the 80s), John Conlee"

"Sounds like a modern Jim Croce!!!"

"Heartfelt, believable lyrics, thanks to the vocal style and performance."

Glenn Livingston Bennett
the music of Glenn Livingston Bennett

horse whispering music
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The short stack is simply the songs that are ready. The short stack releases will give you a chance to sample the complete CD when it is finished. This not because there is a super high demand for them out there, it's simple that I'd like to release the stuff I've done so far.
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