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Glenn Livingstion Bennett

"Neil Diamond vocal quality"

"The lyrics are down to earth and so true"

"sounds like across between Mark Knopfler and Burl Ives"

"Love the casual quality of the lyrics..."

"male vocals somewhere between Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan"

Glenn Livingston Bennett
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Welcome to my site. I'm just a songwriter out here on my own, trying to get back to writing a few songs after a long absence. (Noone seemed to miss me, by the way.) As per my way of doing things differently than everyone else, I defined a new genre of music. I call the music "Horse Whispering Music";. The reason I did this was to allow me to measure my success as a songwriter. If I measured my success in the usual ways I would probably be defined as a failure. You can find out more about Horse Whispering Music at

As time goes on I am seeing my songwriting improve. My voice is not as solid as it once was, but that is coming back as well. If you're at this site you probably know something about me since I don't really promote the site other than word of mouth. So please feel free to send me your input on how you like what I'm doing. One of the main goals of Horse Whispering Music is that it should communicate something and if my songs do that, I'm doing part of the job correctly.

One of the advantages I have is that I have no natural ability or talent. That's not to say that I don't have talent or ability. What I'm saying is that if you feel that I have any talent or ability it's because I worked at it. I consider this an advantage because it means if I can find way of learning what I need to know then I can keep going. (I've seen many people with tons of natural ability and talent end up not as far as I thought they'd go, because they never evolved beyond their natural ability.) Also, if you think I'm making progress it means that anyone can do what I am doing.

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horse whispering music - the new CD (working) - buy songs

My first project is, consciously, to flesh out my own genre of music. As songwriting is not a full-time thing for me and my ability to get my songs recorded is limited, it may take a while for this CD to be completed. Please be patient.
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